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We’ve learnt to read the universe through its own language, mathematics, since ancient Greece. In 1687 Newton projected us forward by unifying the laws of nature with the ones governing the orbits of planetes. Then in 1865 Maxwell connected Electic energy with magnetism. In 1915 Einstein merged Space and Time with his revolutionary general relativity while Niels Bohr and Max Plank discovered the infinitively small and chaotic world of quantum physics. Since then, Theoretical Physicists and Experimental Physicists have worked hard to try to reconciliate general relativity with quantum mechanics in a Theory of Everything or Quantum Gravity.
For a few decades, String Theory seemed to do the job but Science is now craving for new ideas that can better fit our current models.

Garrett Lisi is an American theoretical physicist who works as an independent researcher off the coasts of Hawaii where he found the perfect balance between personal life and work, surf and science. In this episode we’ll try to understand better how the academic world operates and how innovative ideas are tested before diving into Garrett’s multidimensional world and his fascinating E8 theory: 8 dimensional structures that perfectly encode all particles and forces of our three dimensional world.

Listen to the full episode here:

By Duderinaldi

I'm an all-rounded digital strategist, currently heading Digital Innovation at the iconic luxury brand Versace. Since 2018 I've extended my scope beyond Marketing supporting both Industrial Operations and Corporate in complex digital transformation projects with a strong track record of efficient, sustainable and business value-increasing initiatives.
My background includes over 12 years in globally-renowned integrated agencies with focus on planning, strategic execution, digital communication and consumer experience for a wide range of brands and product categories such as Ford Motor Company, Toyota, Adidas, Jaguar & Land Rover, Mattel, Sony Playstation, Vodafone, Sky, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft.

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