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When I was younger I remember playing a lot with my dad’s PC. The very first software I had installed was the iconic Windows 95 and in those years I used to play a lot with those videogames you used to get on a floppy disk in computer magazines.

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Then CDs came out so finally we had more storage space so even Encyclopedias could be digitalized. Omnia 98 is the one I used for school research and in it you also had some fun trivias that helped expand my knowledge and have fun at the same time. One of these games featured an image of greek philosophers, you were supposed to name every single one of them. Of course I had no clue of who they were back then but I did my research and answered. The characters in the image that stuck the most with me where the two men in the middle of it, Plato and Aristotle.

Non è stato fornito nessun testo alternativo per questa immagine

One, pointing upwards, strongly convinced that the understanding of our reality can only come from the analysis of the immaterial side of the world, the real of ideas. The other was instead the founder of the scientific method and the analysis of reality as a base for our understanding of it. I see the two perfectly balancing each other and that our society wouldn’t have evolved without these two aspects of human nature: Humanism/Spiritualism and Science/Technology.

Now more than ever I do feel this image is meaningful in the complex cosmos of businesses too. For the first time in human history technology could lead us anywhere, but will lead us nowhere without the right mindset, people, ideas.

By Duderinaldi

I'm an all-rounded digital strategist, currently heading Digital Innovation at the iconic luxury brand Versace. Since 2018 I've extended my scope beyond Marketing supporting both Industrial Operations and Corporate in complex digital transformation projects with a strong track record of efficient, sustainable and business value-increasing initiatives.
My background includes over 12 years in globally-renowned integrated agencies with focus on planning, strategic execution, digital communication and consumer experience for a wide range of brands and product categories such as Ford Motor Company, Toyota, Adidas, Jaguar & Land Rover, Mattel, Sony Playstation, Vodafone, Sky, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft.

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