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Epic games, the videogame developer, are closing the year with $5 Billions revenue. More than 100 Million people have watched League of Legend’s final and Travis Scott’s virtual concert on Fortnite registered more views than an average Football game. In this scenario it is just a matter of months before many more Brands start tapping into the virtual world for added reach or to generate completely new forms of revenue. I’ve invited Alex Russman [Director of business development @ Enjin and Blockchain consultant], Azeem Khan [Head of partnerships @ Aglet, biologist and esports expert] and Karinna Nobbs [Co-founder @ The Dematerialised, fashion lecturer and visual merchandiser] to discuss the present and the future of crypto ecosystems, gaming, Esports and fashion in the virtual world.

Enjoy this new episode of Innovation Waves:

By Duderinaldi

I'm an all-rounded digital strategist, currently heading Digital Innovation at the iconic luxury brand Versace. Since 2018 I've extended my scope beyond Marketing supporting both Industrial Operations and Corporate in complex digital transformation projects with a strong track record of efficient, sustainable and business value-increasing initiatives.
My background includes over 12 years in globally-renowned integrated agencies with focus on planning, strategic execution, digital communication and consumer experience for a wide range of brands and product categories such as Ford Motor Company, Toyota, Adidas, Jaguar & Land Rover, Mattel, Sony Playstation, Vodafone, Sky, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft.

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