Never, as in this era, we are facing the dis-
ruption of most of the systems that define
the world as we know it.
This unexpected change advances at an
exponential speed, de structuring markets and creating new ones.
Lifestyle and business are both strongly influenced and governed by technology in a number of ways.
If, on the one hand, this scenario rep-
resents a great opportunity, on the other, it inevitably conceals unknown threats
that we cannot underestimate.
The answer to this change can only be
an equally strong innovative solution for
sharing knowledge and research.
This is the only path we can follow in or-
der not to remain passive spectators of a
changing and uncertain future.

The world that we are gradually leaving behind has had the great negligence of limiting companies and institutions all over the world to have a vision focused only on the present, which is based on certainties that are actually momentary.
While we were dazzled by our sales targets and competition convinced that we were growing a solid existence, we didn’t realize that we were actually building a house on the sand.

On the one hand, this approach generates positive consequences in the short term. This is because the use of consolidated schemes generates useful results that often translate into so-called “profits”. However, on the other hand, it makes us totally
powerless in the face of change.
Before being a technological issue, the disruption is a mental and social process, a new way of looking at things, which elevates our vision to an infinite perspective, breaking the mold
and defining new rules.

We must acquire the awareness that the future is not something predefined to what we must adapt in spite of ourselves, but it is a path that we must build together, where everyone has the moral duty to make his own contribution.

By Duderinaldi

I'm an all-rounded digital strategist, currently heading Digital Innovation at the iconic luxury brand Versace. Since 2018 I've extended my scope beyond Marketing supporting both Industrial Operations and Corporate in complex digital transformation projects with a strong track record of efficient, sustainable and business value-increasing initiatives.
My background includes over 12 years in globally-renowned integrated agencies with focus on planning, strategic execution, digital communication and consumer experience for a wide range of brands and product categories such as Ford Motor Company, Toyota, Adidas, Jaguar & Land Rover, Mattel, Sony Playstation, Vodafone, Sky, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft.

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